This is What You Need to Ask Yourself Before Sending a Pitch

Amanda Brenci


You’ve crafted what you believe to be the perfect media pitch — it’s timely, fresh, and sure to hook the reporter. In fact, it’s so perfect, you don’t even bother to give it a final read-through. That was your first mistake. As a result, you don’t catch your second mistake until you get an email back from the reporter saying, … Read More

6 Job Hunting Mistakes You Need to Stop Making

Guest Author


Everybody faces the dreaded job hunt at some point in their lives. Job hunting can be a tedious, grinding process that can easily wear you down, especially if you are unemployed or at a job you dislike. As a career specialist, I often hear questions like: “Why doesn’t anyone respond? I’ve been submitting 20 resumes a day!” “I had a baby, and I haven’t worked … Read More

This is How You Engage Millennials with Content

Aimee Simone

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  Millennials are often blamed for the downfall of traditional news and media. They’re always on their phones and they only care about social media. They prefer memes to words. Do they even read anymore? Obviously, millennials still read — they just do it differently. When done right, content can actually interest and engage millennials more than previous generations. So how … Read More

This Is How You Can Keep Your Career In Your Back Pocket

Heather R. Huhman


Anyone who has ever pursued an active job search can relate to the frustrating shuffle of paperwork that crosses your desk before you even apply. If you want to land that dream job, you have already prepared your CV and a complementing resume. And don’t forget the customized cover letter — for each and every job posting. Did you fill … Read More

How to Be Credible When You Skew Facts and Sell Fear

Jeff Previte

Image Credit: Pixabay

How did a punchline that appeared on The Simpsons 16 years ago become a real possibility? In an episode that looked into the future, Lisa became the president who unfortunately inherited a massive budget crisis caused by the previous Commander-in-Chief, Donald Trump. And here we are, with Trump one step closer to becoming the leader of the free world. He’s … Read More

4 Silly Job Fair Mistakes You Need to Avoid to Land Your Dream Job

Guest Author

As a fresh graduate, job fairs provide you with an opportunity to land a dream job. It’s your chance to make a strong impact on an employer you always aspired to work with. However, job fairs host thousands of fresh talent and give them a chance to join hands with their dream employers to start a flourishing career. So, you’ll be … Read More

How to Handle Social Media Like a Champ, Not a Trump

Crystal DeTemple


Do you know what’s better than cheap publicity? You guessed it: FREE media publicity. And the internet has engineered an incredible international web to sell anything from seamless glow-in-the-dark socks to talking toilet seats. However, it’s a lottery both in how you produce effective results from advertising and the quality of what you consume. What you see is not always … Read More

Don’t Struggle In The Wrong Career, Find Your Best Fit

Heather R. Huhman

Image Credit: Sokanu

Finding that perfect job fit isn’t exactly as simple as finding the perfect pair of pants. Most careers require you to spend years focusing on education and training for a specific field. Unfortunately, the time and expense simply does not allow job seekers to hop around trying on professions until one fits just right. However, choosing the wrong career can … Read More