All You Need to Know About Employee Coffee Trends

Marikaye DeTemple Kane

Keeping up with your employees’ trends is tough, but it’s important to know what keeps them motivated, especially when it comes to the ever important cup of coffee. Do you know how much your team relies on coffee? With National Coffee Day quickly today, September 29th, Quantum Workplace — a company with an employee feedback platform designed to make work better … Read More

So, You’ve Mastered Tweeting. This Is The Next Step In Using Social Media

Kristen Klempert

mage Credit: social media

    Nowadays businesses are told that they have to do social media. They have to create accounts and post shares. But no one ever really explains what the point of social media is, which is why so many small companies have a hard time effectively incorporating it into their business strategies. Without a better understanding of how social media … Read More

This Is How Business Analytic Skills Can Get You Hired

Guest Author


For many of us, basic career decisions start during college. We have to decide what general direction we want to go in, where we should specialize, and ultimately what skills are going to give us the largest advantage when it comes time to begin applying for jobs. All in all, it is a lot to take into account. In today’s … Read More

You’re Being Ignored Because Your Subject Line Sucks

Katie Cook


There’s nothing more fulfilling than knowing you’ve done your research and fought through bouts of writer’s block to come up with an incredible piece of content. You’re sure that anyone who receives your email is going to stop what they’re doing to read it, and overall you’re quite pleased with yourself. Days go by, follow-ups are sent, and you haven’t … Read More

Why Tidl Is The New Online Portfolio You Need To Have

Heather R. Huhman


In a world where it seems like everyone is looking for a job — including those with full-time jobs — it’s important to have a resume that pops out and grabs hiring managers’ attention. Adding detailed experiences to your resume will set you apart from other applicants. This is why Tidl — a smart portfolio and resume building tool — … Read More

How To Make Your Job Application Stand Out

Guest Author

Image Credit: Pixabay

Since each job opening is designed to hire exactly one person, separating yourself is an absolute necessity in the face of intense competition. Do you know how much competition you are facing, though? ERE Media reports that recruiters receive 250 applicants for an open position on average. That’s a lot of competition! Ask yourself — what are you doing to make … Read More

The Best Research Hacks That Will Make You a Content Nerd

Aimee Simone

Source: Pexels

  Before you can write awesome content, you need data and sources to back up your claims. And that means starting with research. So you break out the computer, pull up Google, and get cracking. But a few hours later, you’re frustrated, empty-handed, and wondering where the time went. While Google makes research a lot easier than the days of … Read More

How To Host A Successful One-On-One Meeting

Marikaye DeTemple Kane

Finding ways to dive into an employee’s mind is rarely easy. Creating a safe place for employees to open up is a productive way to get on the same page. Engaging in regularly scheduled one-on-one meetings can clarify the expectations of both employer and employee. When successful meetings are held, goals and productivity are unified.   Quantum Workplace — a company … Read More