You Need To Know About These Surprising Employee Engagement Factors

Marikaye DeTemple Kane

When we think about factors that influence employee engagement, we think about the type of work employees do and the aspects of their jobs that give them a sense of fulfillment. Many of us never consider things like location or the industry the employee works in. But the truth is that by looking deeper at these areas, some interesting trends … Read More

How to Use the News to Boost Readership

Crystal DeTemple

wikimedia commons

If you’re like most people in this day and age, you get your news from online sources. While news was once spread by word of mouth, like the traveling memory game that metamorphosed on its journey across land and sea, it’s now instantaneously international. However, it’s no less likely to change from site to site, catering to the literary tastes … Read More

How Not To Ace A Job Interview

Guest Author

Job Interview

I once showed up to a job interview with the Australian Stock Exchange armed with enough pieces of paper to compile a small book. They probably thought I had taken the wrong turn and was supposed to be in the ‘launch a public company’ department. I wasn’t. I was actually there for a fairly routine job interview as a project manager. … Read More

Mastering the HR Hunt: How to Recruit Top Candidates and Make Them Stay

Guest Author


When you’re hiring new people for your team, you have to realize one thing: the interview is a test not only for them, but for you, too. The goal is to fill the spot with the best candidate for the job. With that purpose, you have to attract people with great experience and skills to compete for the space. In 2015, market research … Read More

Social Media Followers: How To Catch ‘Em All

Kristen Klempert

Image Credit: Nuwandalice on Flickr

Well, it’s official: America has been overtaken by Pokémon. In the span of a week, we’ve gone from our boring lives of scrolling through Facebook on our smartphones to roaming the world in search of Pikachu. Admittedly, still on our smartphones. Whether you’re addicted to Pokémon Go or not, you’ve probably heard about it or seen people playing it. But, in case you’ve … Read More

If You Already Have the Skills, Finding a Job Is As Easy As This App

Heather R. Huhman

There is a certain urgency when it comes to finding a job or filling an open position. Job seekers and employers alike watch their budgets grow tighter and tighter as weeks and months pass by, just waiting for that perfect opportunity to hire or be hired. And the situation is more dire than you think. In a June 2015 survey of … Read More

How Talent Mobility Improves Retention In a Meaningful Way

Marikaye DeTemple Kane

RolePoint - Talent Mobility

Too often, companies lose strong talent when they fail to effectively communicate opportunity for growth. When turnover is high, there is a lot of time and money invested into hiring new employees. This is avoidable. The infographic below compiled by RolePoint, a complete social recruiting suite, explains why talent mobility is important for both employees and employers, how companies can … Read More

4 Things to Do With Original Research

Aimee Simone


So you just got the data back from you original survey and you’re excited — these results are awesome! You put together a report, fashion a press release, and send it out into the world — now what? You spent way too long crafting questions, recruiting participants, and analyzing the data for the report to just sit on your website, … Read More