How To Easily Find (And Juggle) A Job As A Student

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The transition from teenager to responsible adult is never easy. For starters, you can’t allow your parents to carry the entire financial burden during your studies. The grant, loan, or scholarship can’t cover all expenses, so you need another solution. Sometimes the only way out of a difficult situation is to get a job. You should never be afraid of … Read More

How to Become a Successful Freelance Blogger

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Lots of people wonder if becoming a freelance writer is profitable enough for them, particularly in the blogging field. The short answer to that is absolutely. Freelance writers have a lot of potential to make decent money in this industry, but that doesn’t mean it’s simple. Many successful freelance bloggers started their careers by pulling up their sleeves and putting … Read More

7 of the Most Difficult Interview Questions — and How to Answer Them

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Many companies are notorious for asking job interview questions like, “Estimate the total number of cars in the UK.” (Barclays) or “How many calories are in a grocery store?” (Google). When applying for internships or jobs, you are not necessarily going to be asked these questions, but some of what you’re asked may seem tough to answer. We’ve compiled a list … Read More

Here’s How To Achieve A Fulfilling Career Now

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How do you feel when you are getting ready to go to work every morning? Does it excite you to think about the possibilities ahead of the day? Or does it feel like a brick tied around your neck, dragging you down? Building and growing our careers takes center stage for a large part of our lives. Since we spend … Read More

How To Use Job Hopping To Your Professional Advantage

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Since starting your professional career, you’ve probably been hearing the same advice: building a solid resume that reflects your skills and ability to work with the same company is critical. In other words, you should avoid job hopping at all costs. In many cases, this holds true. But, if you think job hopping is right for you — like 57 percent … Read More

A Company Website Can Tell You Everything You Need To Know

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When you’re actively seeking a job, it can be tempting to submit your resume to the first position that sounds like a good match. However, simply hitting “submit” could mean that you end up applying to something that won’t really suit you at all. How do you know that you really want to work for that company? Would it really fit you and … Read More

How to Freelance Your Way Into a New Career

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Stefan was stuck. Having just graduated from college, he knew he needed to get a job. The problem? No employer would possibly accept him without any work experience. And he didn’t know how to get work experience without an employer. Less than a year later, Stefan applied to three companies — and got accepted to all of them. So, what did … Read More

Do You Have What it Takes To Be Successful In International Business?

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Do you dream of having an international career? Traveling to exotic international locations for business is exciting. You’re exposed to new people, different teams, and fresh ideas. It can help you gain a new perspective for your business goals or career — and even change your life. I love living an international life. I love being exposed to diverse thoughts … Read More