Can You Get Hired With A Liberal Arts Degree? [INFOGRAPHIC]

by Brittany Schlacter on March 29, 2013

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How many people do you know who either have obtained a liberal arts degree or are currently pursuing one? Today, many feel a liberal arts degree is a questionable choice due to the economy.

It’s no secret that finding employment can be a challenge. The current unsteady unemployment rate has led many college students and recent graduates to question their college majors. While many make the switch toward more skill-intensive majors or career paths, others look for ways to utilize the degrees they’ve earned. Is your liberal arts degree going to hold you back from getting hired?

The unemployment rate for liberal arts graduate is around 9.4 percent. This number certainly isn’t anything to scoff at, but it’s important to remember there is hope for those holding liberal arts degrees. Many feel this degree presents allows for a person to develop the proper skills to look at a variety of information and successfully connect the dots. This opens the door to a wider array of positions than would be available with a more specified degree. Liberal arts majors often go on to work in communications, anthropology, languages, and sociology professions.

Successfully finding employment after obtaining a liberal arts degree comes down to the individual. Consider supplementing your courses with internships, volunteering, and other real world experiences. Keep an eye on your strengths and skills and use them to your advantage.

The following infographic by Best Liberal Arts Colleges and develop by NowSourcing is a great guide for understanding liberal arts degree and seeking employment.

How did you find a job with your liberal arts degree?

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