What Do Media Partners Get?

  • SYNDICATION: Receive content curated from experts and distributed by our editorial staff for you to republish. No strings attached.
  • ORIGINAL COLUMNS: For select publications, we offer original content written by experts. You pick the overall topic and we work hand-in-hand with the experts to deliver exceptional articles however often you require.
  • CROWDSOURCED Q&A: For select publications, we offer tip-based articles with advice from a curated group of experts in the careers & HR community.
  • TIMELY CONTRIBUTIONS: For select publications, we can offer expert opinion and commentary on timely career/HR-related topics written by experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the content partnership cost us anything?

Nope. We just require that the experts’ bios remain as provided to you — with the links.

What content topics are available?

  • Job Search & Career Management
  • Human Resources & Recruiting
  • Business & Technology

How does the syndication option work?

We provide you a link to an RSS feed of content that could be a good fit for your site. (Want to see what’s been available in the past? Just ask for the link!) When our experts post new articles, those pieces go into the feed and are immediately available for republishing. We can also send you a weekly eNewsletter that lists the posts available that week. Whatever is easiest for you!

How does the original column option work?

We will work within the writing guidelines you provide to ensure the article fits your needs and overall standards. This can work in one of three ways:

  • Once or twice a month, we can have a “meeting” (phone, Skype, email, whatever is easiest) where you provide the overall topics or issues to address and we’ll work with our experts to deliver the articles to you.
  • Once or twice a month, we can propose several ideas for original articles from which you can choose and we’ll work with our experts to deliver the articles to you.
  • Without prior discussion, we can send you fully drafted articles to review.

How does the crowdsourced option work?

Once or twice a month, you pick the topic or question and we collect insight from several relevant experts to compile an original article into a Q&A or tip-based format. Alternatively, we can propose several ideas each month from which you can choose.

How does the timely contribution option work?

You can contact us with a timely topic that you’d like an expert’s opinion and commentary on, and we’ll quickly deliver an original, exclusive article written by a relevant expert for you to publish.

Can my website reciprocate and provide posts to Come Recommended’s experts?

Perhaps. That decision is ultimately up to the expert and their organization, but we’re always willing to make that request on your behalf. However, we are willing to add your content to our syndication network, making it available to all of our other partners.