Our philosophy is simple: Your PR firm shouldn’t try to separate themselves from you — they should be an extension of your team. So, don’t think of Come Recommended as “just another agency” — or even an agency at all. Think of us as those extra team members who know the ins and outs of the digital PR world and happen never to come into your office. Our team is your team. Whenever you need us.

As for cost, yes, we charge retainers, but they are so much smaller than a “traditional agency.” And for that retainer, you get a dedicated team of individuals working their butts off for you the entire month. We don’t count hours (or minutes) here. We only count results.

Interested? Here’s how we work:

Step 1

You reach out to us to arrange a call to discuss your goals and objectives.

Step 2

We suggest a specific group of services for you based on your goals and budget.

Options include:

Step 3

Assuming you would like to move forward with us, we send you a Letter of Agreement (LOA), which you sign and return to us. Work begins immediately!

Step 4

You fill out our New Client Form, which asks you all sorts of fun questions about your business. We discuss the New Client Form during our kick-off call with you.

Step 5

Kick-off meeting! We discuss the New Client Form, any questions you have  about our process, and our timeline for moving forward.

Step 6

We take about 2 business days to develop a key messaging document, which will be the foundation for all activities on your account moving forward.

Step 7

The next 3-5 business days are spent defining an overall 30 day timeline with milestones, tasks, and responsibilities. (We refer to this internally as a tactical marketing plan.) We include specific topics we’ll be blogging/podcasting/webinaring/etc. about, aligning these with timely themes and trends, as well as your business cycle. To accomplish your objectives, we prefer to be as thorough as possible from the beginning.

Step 8

Attack the tactics outlined in the timeline, measure everything, and adapt and evolve as we go.