Step 1: Goals & Objectives


Do you want to build awareness of your brand? Do you want to generate more leads to your website?

Reach out to us to arrange a call to discuss your PR and marketing goals, business objectives, budget, and timeline. We look forward to speaking with you and learning more about your organization!

Step 2: Budget

 We understand that every business is unique, which is why we offer several packages that fit your budget. Whether you’re just starting up or you’re looking to grow your existing business, we offer services that are worth the investment.

Options include:

Step 3: Kickoff Call

Love what we have to offer? We’ll send you a Letter of Agreement (LOA) and a New Client Questionnaire to complete before our kickoff call.

During the kickoff call, we’ll watch a demo of your product, discuss the New Client Questionnaire, answer any questions you might have about our process and services, and outline our timeline moving forward.

Step 4: Plan & Execute

We’ll spend 2-3 days developing ideas for each of the agreed upon services for the month. This includes topics, headlines, summaries, authors, etc.

Once we have your approval of the ideas, the work fun begins!

Here’s our thorough process for each individual piece of content:

  1. The Content Creator on the account comes up with a descriptive headline and summary
  2. The Editor on the account approves the idea, or sends it back to the Content Creator for revisions
  3. Once approved by the Editor, the content idea (descriptive headline and summary) is sent to the client for review by the Client Relationship Director
  4. Once approved by the client, the Client Relationship Director assigns the task to the Content Creator
  5. The Content Creator researches and writes the content, suggesting a set of better headlines
  6. The Editor reviews the content and works with the Content Creator to perfect it
  7. Once approved by the Editor, the content is sent to the client for review by the Client Relationship Director
  8. The client reviews, and if the client has any feedback, it is communicated to the Client Relationship Director, who shares it with the Editor and Content Creator
  9. If edits are necessary, they go through the Content Creator and Editor process again, and the Client Relationship Director resubmits to the client for final approval
  10. If this is an external piece (contributed bylined article), the Media & Client Relations Manager then drafts a pitch and works with the outlet(s) to get the piece placed

Step 5: Measure & Tweak

We continually measure results throughout. This means paying attention to how many shares your content receives, tracking conversions, measuring audience engagement, SEO rankings, etc.

The best strategies are constantly updated and tweaked. As we measure results, we’ll continue to tweak your strategy to make sure it’s reaching the right audience and bringing in the best results for your business.