Use Your Smartphone To Land A Dream Job

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Image via Flickr by Risager

Image via Flickr by Risager

The following is a guest post by Teddy Hunt.

There are many ways a smartphone can be used to land a dream job. Whether your mobile device is top-of-the-line or one of the affordable prepaid cell phones of today, your phone can ace an interview and help you to enjoy a new career.

When you begin hunting for a new career, there are a few things you need to do to prepare your phone to be the best personal assistant money can buy. Here are a few ways you can use a smartphone to land a job, and the necessary preparations you need to make before job hunting:

Before Job Hunting

Install a few useful apps onto your smartphone to prepare it to assist you during a job hunt. There are many apps that could help, such as scheduling ones or those that help you keep notes on potential employers. Here are a few of the best apps available:

  • Job Compass is a free app that finds jobs within a set radius of your home: it’s great for those who dislike commutes.
  • Craigslist Pro notifies job seekers of new openings that meet their criteria, in addition to filtering results expertly. This app costs $0.99.
  • JobMo offers everything from interview tips to global job searching capabilities for free.

While Job Hunting

Remember to keep detailed notes on your smartphone for all job contacts, including those that haven’t responded. Employers find it unprofessional when job seekers repeatedly contact them and forgetfully send the same information over and over again. Furthermore, remembering key details about contacts will impress and flatter them, making you more memorable.

Before an Interview

When you finally land an interview, do your homework! Each interview merits thorough background research on the company and interviewer. Use your smartphone to search LinkedIn profiles and Google for clues. Prepare a few thoughtful questions to ask about the job and the company, which highlight your understanding of the company’s history and culture.

Program an interview reminder into your smartphone so that there’s no chance of forgetting the important event, and make sure your phone is off before you go.

After an Interview

There are many ways to use a smartphone after an interview. Here are a few of the best:

  • Tweet a thank you to the interviewer with a link to your extended history and experience.
  • Draft a thank you letter to immediately print at a local Kinkos. Send it to the employer within the hour, ensuring it will be received before a decision is made.
  • Set a special ringtone for the interviewer, so that you will know to answer with a professional voice in a quiet room.

Using affordable prepaid cell phones to land a dream job is common sense in this technology-driven age. People who forgo the plethora of apps and abilities of a smartphone for job hunting will find themselves struggling to keep up with savvier job seekers. From day one until your first new paycheck, remember that a smartphone can be your best friend.

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Teddy Hunt is a freelance content writer, specializing in mobile technology. When not offering advice for using affordable prepaid cell phones and blogging for, he finds time to keep fit and spend time with family.

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