10 Funny Work-Related Videos To Ease Your Interview Nerves

Alex Macksoud

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The hours leading up to an interview can be incredibly nerve-wracking.

You’ve gone over answers to potential questions dozens of times, and you prepare so much that you eventually forget what you’re preparing for. If those nerves carry over to your interview, you could make critical mistakes that corrupt your chances of getting hired.

Luckily, YouTube is there for you by providing millions of hilarious work-related videos to ease your nerves and get you pumped for your interview. But since they can be pretty difficult to find, here are 10 videos we think will get the job done:

1. LG Job Interview Prank

If you think your job interview is going to go poorly, you don’t even want to imagine the one these guys had. In this funny work video by LG to promote their new TV, see what happens when unsuspecting job candidates are tricked into believing they’re about to experience a nuclear holocaust.


2. The Office – Dwight’s Funniest Moments

The Office can be regarded as one of the funniest TV shows of all time. One of the employees of Dunder-Mifflin paper company, Dwight Schrute, provides the bulk of entertainment on the show. Take a look at some of his most memorable, hilarious scenes.


3. Terry Tate – Office Linebacker

In 2003, Reebok decided to create a SuperBowl commercial about a linebacker who works in an office and enforces the typical workplace rules that most places have. This funny work video is sure to pump you up before your interview (as long as you follow the rules, of course).


4. The Great Office War

Offices are filled with annoying little things that cause stress. But workplace etiquette and HR offer very few satisfying outlets for that stress. Sometimes, you just want to let it all out. When you hear about great wars, you usually think of The American Revolution or World War II, but there is a much greater war that nobody has heard – The Great Office War.


5. Cheating Boss Prank

What would you do if your boss’s mistress came to your office right before his wife comes in? Would you hide it? That’s the situation these unsuspecting victims are facing in this classic funny work video from Just For Laughs, a Canadian prank show.


6. The Candidate

Most job interviews are structured the exact same way, which makes for similar questions and answers. While cultural fit is huge for most companies, if you don’t stand out there’s no chance of getting hired. This video from Heineken puts job candidates in rather unique situations that really bring out the true side of people, and finds the right person for the job.


7. Monty Python – Silly Job Interview

Monty Python is one of the funniest sketch comedy troupes in history. In this timeless sketch from Flying Circus, a man is put through one of the most ridiculous job interviews ever. Imagine if you had to work with this insane interviewer! This clip is sure to leave you in stitches.


8. Job Interview Prank

Edbassmaster is one of the most notorious pranksters on YouTube. With tons of different characters, Ed uses them to troll unsuspecting victims. In this prank, an interviewer for a pet store was set up by his boss to interview one of Ed’s characters, named Teste. Here’s what happens when he experiences the worst candidate ever:


9. Office Stress Video Compilation

Workplace stress is a serious issue that plagues millions of people. But sometimes, all that pent-up frustration is unleashed in the office. This compilation video shows what happens when over-stressed workers have had enough. You’ll be happy your not interviewing at one of these companies…


10. Office Space – Printer Scene

Office Space is one of the funniest movie depictions of office life ever created. No list of funny work-related videos is complete without the hilarious and classic printer scene.


What are your favorite hilarious work-related YouTube videos? Share in the comments below!

Alex Macksoud

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