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Come Recommended is a content marketing and digital PR consultancy for job search and human resources technologies. We are dedicated to establishing your expertise by uncovering and sharing the unique story that connects people with your brand.


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Using proven strategies, we help clients reach their goals, including brand awareness, engagement, lead generation, lead nurturing, thought leadership, website traffic, and more.

Our Areas of Expertise


At Come Recommended, we know exactly what it takes to build a strong brand for HR tech startups and growing enterprises.

We have experience working with a variety of technology companies with products focused on social recruitment, employee engagement, talent management, employee referrals, candidate background checks, company culture, and more. If it’s your goal to help employers improve their HR departments, hire the best candidates, and create happy employees, then Come Recommended will help you make it happen.

Some of the B2B audiences we can help you reach include:

•  C-Suite executives
•  Human resources
•  Recruiters
•  Staffing professionals


Our expertise does not end at B2B outreach. At Come Recommended, we also know what it takes to build a strong brand for job search tech startups and growing enterprises.

We have experience working with a variety of technology companies with products focused on resume-building, reputation management, job matching, interviewing, professional networking, and more. If you’re in the business of improving the job search with your technology, we’re here to build your reputation and brand.

Some of the B2C audiences we can help you reach include:

•  Active job seekers
•  Passive job seekers
•  Millennial job seekers
•  Employees

How We’re Different

We live and breathe job searching, careers, recruiting, hiring, retention, and workplace management all day long. You never have to bring us up to speed on industry trends.
Your brand and product are unique — you deserve a unique strategy. Many agencies, particularly the larger ones, are singularly focused on securing print media placements. While media relations might make sense for your account, it’s not the only tool in our toolbox — and we recognize the importance of media beyond print. Together, we build a strategy that will bring you results — and continually revisit it to see how it can be improved.
We pride ourselves on becoming an integral part your team — working side-by-side, in the trenches, to enhance and supplement the marketing and PR you’re already doing. In addition, all clients — big and small — are assigned a dedicated writer, editor, backup editor, and client liaison. If your account requires, teams also include a media pitcher and/or social media specialist. Click here to learn more about how we work.
Most PR firms charge an hourly rate, and if multiple people are working on your account at the same time, each of them is billing you in 15-minute increments. We don’t count hours (or minutes) here. We only count results. You know upfront exactly the services you are receiving and exactly how much they will cost. Click here to learn more about our services and pricing.

Our Values

Relationships are our business, plain and simple. We value them above all else. At Come Recommended, our team is a family, and our clients become extended members of this family.
Ideas free-flow throughout Come Recommended with constant communication and collaboration — no one works in a silo. Everyone brings value and a speciality to each specific client team, and we always know we’re all in this together to achieve our goals.
We’re never satisfied with the status quo. If something could be done more effectively or efficiently, we find a way to do it. We stay on top of industry trends and constantly work to better ourselves through ongoing professional development training.
We achieve results without straying from our values. If you’re looking for a ‘spin’ agency, look elsewhere.
We are transparent with our team and clients at every level. Go ahead, ask us anything.
We understand and sympathize with the job search and hiring process because we have been there ourselves.
We believe there’s no greater feeling than helping others fulfill their dreams — whether it’s landing their dream job/internship or expanding the team of their dream company.
Your success is our success, so we work tirelessly at achieving your goals. But we are also real people. We take fitness breaks throughout the day to refocus, enjoy chatting about food and our pets, and winding down with friends and family after a hard day’s work.
We are a virtual team located throughout the U.S. All team members are chosen extremely carefully for a number of reasons but most of all because they need to fit within our “no office politics” culture.

Our Team