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I think a lot of people underestimate the amount of time that goes into building and maintaining a company’s social media presence. Having the Come Recommended team manage our accounts has been an immeasurable help. And what’s even better is that they get results. They developed a thorough strategy specific to our company and its brand. After just a month, we were already seeing an increase in social media engagement and traffic being driven to our website.VAL MATTA, Vice President of Business Development, CareerShift

Quick Overview

In order to increase CareerShift’s brand recognition and improve lead generation, Come Recommended took over managing their social media presence. After creating a full strategy, over the course of nine months, Come Recommended executed the plan and surpassed many of the set goals. Come Recommended focused on CareerShift’s brand and voice in order to make them more present on social media.

The Takeaway

Percent Increase
in Engagement
on Twitter
Percent Increase
in Website Traffic
Driven by Social Media
Percent Increase
in CareerShift User
Accounts Created

Social media management is like juggling 100 different balls at once. It’s important to understand the differences between platforms and their audiences so content can be engaging and stand out on followers’ crowded newsfeeds. It’s also important to stay on top of relevant trends in order to provide followers with relevant and up-to-date content — all while driving eyes to CareerShift’s website.

The Challenge

How We Went About It

  • Research

    The first step was to see what others in the job search space were doing successfully on social media. What were they talking about? When were they posting and how often? What made their shares stand out? We then compared that to what CareerShift was currently doing on social media. That allowed us to identify opportunities to improve. And that became the basis of our social media strategy.

  • Identifying the right voice

    It’s not enough to just do what everyone else is doing. On social media, it’s important to stand out. Your audience needs to recognize and relate to the company’s brand and story. For CareerShift, we wanted their social media feeds to reflect the approachable tone that was present on their website and blog. We wanted the feeds to share CareerShift’s expertise in a way that made it a friendly face to turn to during the job search.

  • Content, content, content

    The goal was to make CareerShift’s social media pages a set of resources for job seekers, people seeking career advice, and career counselors. One thing we did not want was for CareerShift’s feeds to seem overly-promotional. That meant developing a balance between CareerShift’s own content and external content. Considering the unique audiences of each platform, the ratio between the two types of content was a little different on each site. This led to different posting schedules for each platform. We also responded to any comments on content we shared and sent out regular tweets on Twitter thanking users who mentioned or retweeted CareerShift.

  • Monitor and tweak

    After setting concrete goals that tied back to the overall objective, it was time to measure our progress. This allowed us to see what was working and what needed adjusting. Monitoring the different profiles also allowed us to get to know and better understand each platform’s audience. With that information, we could craft better shares and post more relevant content. We set three-month goals for each metric but monitored and recorded progress on a weekly basis.

  • Working together

    At Come Recommended, we work as an extension of our client’s team. That means keeping them in the loop on our progress and what’s going on with their social media. Each month, we sent the client reports on our activity as well as how we were doing considering our three month goals. Any changes to the strategy were discussed and we were available for calls to answer any of the CareerShift team’s questions.

The Results

By the end of the first month of social media management, CareerShift was receiving 8x more mentions on Twitter. By the end of the second month, we had already surpassed our initial goal for Facebook reach.

Within three months, CareerShift’s LinkedIn followers had already surpassed the original goal. CareerShift’s average monthly reach on Facebook had increased by 28.9 percent by the end of the sixth month.

After seven months, the amount of traffic being driven to the CareerShift homepage by social media had increased by 205 percent.

After nine months of social media management, engagement with CareerShift’s posts has increased by 55 percent on Facebook and 366 percent on Twitter. Traffic to the CareerShift website from Facebook and Twitter increased by 97 percent and 107 percent, respectively. 

In terms of actual business, the number of new CareerShift accounts created each month from social media traffic increased by 516 percent in just six months.


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