Forty-nine percent of journalists seek out original research to use as sources. Producing new original research and backing it with a mighty media relations effort can set you apart from your competition.

Quick Overview

The client frequently conducts original research and chose Come Recommended to maximize their media coverage of these reports. By working as an extension of the client’s marketing team, Come Recommended devised a comprehensive strategy to generate newsworthy stories applicable to current and potential customers, as well as the media. This included evaluating survey results and developing infographics and contributed bylined articles.

The Takeaway

Published Articles
Estimated Article Views
Generated Inbound Links

Analyze data from comprehensive research and organizing it into consumable information for media outlets and their readers is no easy feat. After digesting the data, we also needed to determine which points would appeal to which outlets and specific reporters. Doing so correctly would earn valuable media coverage, and the client would be further recognized as thought leaders in their industry.

The Challenge

How We Went About It

  • Determine the pitch assets

    After analyzing and organizing data from the research, Come Recommended determined that a multi-pronged strategy consisting of infographics and contributed bylined articles was the most effective way to present this information to the media and appeal to their audiences.

  • Outline the infographic

    Once the assets had been determined, Come Recommended outlined an infographic based on specific points from the research that would generate the highest number of links and shares — and therefore pageviews and traffic back to the client’s site. The outline was then passed off to the client’s designer.

  • Decide which outlets and reporters to pitch

    Extensive research was performed to identify the best reporters and target outlets, specifically with HR and business audiences.

  • Customize and distribute pitches

    Once the list was finalized, more research was conducted on each reporter and outlet to isolate their specific preferences and guidelines. Come Recommended personalized the pitches to ensure they would capture the attention of the recipient and offer the asset that would most appeal to them: just the research report, just the infographic, both the report and infographic, or a contributed bylined article.

  • Identify opportunities to repurpose the report

    Following the success of the initial pitch, Come Recommended identified opportunities to make the most of the client’s research by assisting in the creation of a second infographic and additional contributed bylined articles. As a result of this strategy, the research was pitched in two waves to take further advantage of a single report months apart.

The Results

This content marketing strategy garnered articles in 29 media outlets, including Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post, and TLNT, with established online audiences totaling 340 million. The articles received an estimated 207,000 views, 5,700 shares, and 39 links back to our client’s website — solidifying them as thought leaders and increasing awareness of their brand.


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