Limeade is a corporate wellness technology company that measurably improves employee health, well-being and performance, while building cultures that support well-being.

We really enjoyed working with Come Recommended. They use an excellent project management process to keep everything on track, and they achieved remarkable results for us in a relatively short time-frame. The team was quickly up-to-speed on our challenges and goals and really flexed their creative muscles to craft compelling content for our audience.HELEN MCCLENAHAN, Director of Marketing, Limeade

Quick Overview

Come Recommended was contacted by Limeade for short-term PR and marketing assistance while a key member of their team was on maternity leave. As part of a comprehensive strategy that spanned five months, the Come Recommended team worked with the existing internal PR and B2B team to align campaigns and increase brand awareness, while positioning Limeade as a leader in well-being and the key personnel as experts.

The Takeaway

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Multiple initiatives were already in motion when the Come Recommended team jumped in to help the client juggle all that was on the PR and B2B calendar. The Come Recommended team quickly got up-to-speed on all things in process and made recommendations on how to enhance the current strategy to reach media, HR buyers, and business audiences.

The Challenge

How We Went About It

  • Collaboration

    Becoming an extension of a well-versed PR and B2B team, the Come Recommended team began by meeting with the Limeade team to learn everything we could about past, current, and upcoming campaigns. The Come Recommended team — a media pitcher, editor, content creator, and client lead — became an extension of the client’s team collaborating on an ongoing basis to align strategies, and reach the target audiences.

  • Research and planning

    Both after the initial kickoff call and on an ongoing basis, the Come Recommended team researched the best outlets to reach the client’s target audiences, and the strategy items that would be best received by the audience — infographic, white paper, contributed bylined article, original research, interview, or working directly with the media/reporters as fitting.

  • Creativity

    With the client having a well-developed campaign to reach their B2B audience, the Come Recommended team looked for a creative twist to align the topics and themes that were relevant to the audience. This included strategy items such as identifying gaps in the current industry research and preparing a survey for the client to distribute, and then analyzing the results for the best methods to distribute it to the audience (infographic and white paper that were used for a media and blogger campaign).

  • Getting featured

    Through dedicated content strategies of media and blogger outreach campaigns, as well as contributed bylined articles, the Come Recommended media pitching team worked to secure placements in top read industry outlets such as, TLNT, The Huffington Post, and Corporate Wellness Magazine.

The Results

Overall, the five-month strategy filled the need Limeade had while short-staffed and further opened the conversation about working Come Recommended into the coming year’s budget. The content produced throughout the time saw high engagement and social sharing, while driving traffic back to the Limeade site.

In total, the strategy saw 54 placements on external outlets with a total of 947 million readers. All told, the articles received an estimated 541,000 views. This resulted in 85 inbound links to the client’s website.

Our collaborated PR and marketing work together resulted in a 55 percent increase in pageviews, 4 percent increase in time on the site, and a 6.5 percent lower bounce rate.


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