Most organizations use blogging as part of their content marketing strategy — 80% of the time when targeting B2B audiences and 75% when targeting B2C. Further, blogging will be critical in 2017 for B2B (52%) and B2C (51%).

Quick Overview

Come Recommended has worked closely with a niche job site platform for more than two years and has crafted unique, weekly content for their blog as part of their ongoing PR strategy since September 2015. While their blog saw an increase in user engagement and returning site visitors in the months following the initial collaboration with Come Recommended, the team wanted to personalize the experience for readers and extend their reach. The result was a special series for the blog.

The Takeaway

Percent Increase in
User Engagement
Percent Increase in
New and Returning Visitors
Percent Increase in
Blog Pageviews

While the client’s blog was seeing steady traffic with current users, with a reach of 25,000 newsletter subscribers, social shares still had room to grow. The majority of their content was focused on unique job seeker tips, specifically targeted toward their niche user base. The Come Recommended team stayed on top of industry trends and news, delivering specific and engaging content on a weekly basis. However, we believed the client needed something to make them stand apart from competitors and draw attention from various reaches of the industry.

Determining and reaching experts in a niche industry that offers such diverse career paths posed the initial challenge. The industry is also recognized as one of the more challenging fields in terms of availability of time and flexibility for professionals, so scheduling interviews in a timely manner to keep a series on track was an obstacle the Come Recommended team was prepared to face.

The Challenge

How We Went About It

  • Rounding up experts

    The initial phase of getting the blog series off the ground required drafting and distributing an engaging and intriguing query. The Come Recommended team composed a request and began collecting responses immediately. The response rate was so great, the experts needed to be filtered on a number of levels in order to begin scheduling interviews and tentative publishing dates. We worked closely with the client to select and respond to the most qualified and inspiring experts and create an ongoing strategy.

  • Extending the team

    Once the experts had been secured and a schedule was in place, the Come Recommended team began drafting unique interview questions for each expert and handled interview scheduling, accommodating the specific needs of experts to ensure the best quality responses were acquired. Each expert received the same attention from the team as the client, with ongoing access to the primary editor, client relationship manager, and content specialist until the post was live. The response from the featured experts was resounding and gained the client valuable recognition from a number of major businesses in the industry.

  • Fine-tuning the features

    The Come Recommended team did not structure the series around a set-it-and-forget-it strategy. Each month we strived to exceed the expectations of the client and capture the unique voice and insights of the featured expert, evolving the formatting and customization of the questions asked to ensure a valuable experience with each post. Each expert was carefully researched for the best fit with the client’s audience, but the post was crafted in response to the most inspiring and unique experiences. The result was connecting professionals with successful industry leaders and inspiring career growth and development through storytelling.

  • Making the best use of insights

    The inspiring and informative advice collected from the experts has been used to generate new, engaging, blog topics for a number of specific fields in the client’s industry. Experts have also been receptive to their quotes being used in the client’s contributed bylined article strategy, generating additional traffic and shares.

The Results

In the six months since the series took off, the client has seen a 25 percent increase in new and returning site visitors. The social sharing through the evolution of the Q&A posts has grown to include Click To Tweets, which are very popular with the experts and their network. User engagement has increased by 29 percent, and blog pageviews have grown by 14 percent, overall.

The blog series is seeing greater exposure than the traditional blogs through social sharing via the featured expert’s networks and their associated company. Those seeking specific information on the featured companies are also finding the blog more easily through searches and social media.

A second query was distributed due to the incredible results of the first round, and many experts were enthusiastically waiting for an opportunity to contribute to the blog series. The client currently has featured Q&A posts for the series lined up for monthly publication, and an ongoing strategy is in place.


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