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The ROI for the infographic pitch by Come Recommended has been unbelievable. Not only has the infographic’s publicity driven a substantial amount of traffic to our website, but also we’ve seen an increase in sales as a direct result of that traffic we never would have imagined possible.MOLLY OWENS, CEO, Truity Psychometrics

Quick Overview

Truity Psychometrics tasked the Come Recommended team with pitching an infographic they developed and designed to reach job seekers across the country. Our team worked hard to build a pitch list that would give Truity maximum exposure and secure placements in prominent outlets both large and small.

The Takeaway

Published Articles
Social Shares
Percent Increase in
Website Traffic

There is no surefire formula for ensuring that content will be highly shareable. For this infographic, the Come Recommended team wanted to secure placements that would reach the client’s target audience and inspire them to share the infographic with other people in their circles.

The Challenge

How We Went About It

  • Research media outlets and reporters

    The Come Recommended team decided that pitching a mixture of prominent and niche outlets would ensure the infographic was viewed by as many members of the client’s target audience as possible.

  • Draft customized pitches

    Because this infographic was well-researched and beautifully designed, the Come Recommended team wanted to focus on creating pitches that would resonate with the editors at each outlet. To that end, the team wrote outlet-specific pitches that highlighted the information readers from each outlet would most want to read and share.

  • Secure placements

    We offered introductory copy to each outlet that could be used as-is or edited to fit a specific writer’s style. By providing outlet-specific pitches, well-written accompanying copy and answers to any questions from outlets, the Come Recommended team was able to secure a number of prominent placements.

The Results

The Come Recommended team created an effective pitch strategy that secured placements on 39 outlets, including Business Insider and Entrepreneur. The infographic clearly resonated with the client’s target audience, having been shared nearly 50,000 times in just a month’s time.

It was shared 20,484 times on Business Insider alone and another 11,430 times on one of the smaller niche outlets that picked up the infographic, showing the value of the Come Recommended team’s mixed-outlet approach.

Overall, the placements helped increase traffic to the client’s website by 40 percent.


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