The stats tell the story: Approximately 90% of the data our brains perceive is visual. Digital marketing campaigns with infographics result in 94% more views. Tweets with infographics are approximately 832% more retweeted.

Quick Overview

Our client wanted to develop and pitch an infographic that would speak specifically to one of their target audiences: employers. The Come Recommended team worked alongside the client to ensure messaging was on point, the needs of the target audience were being addressed, and the topic would be picked up by prominent outlets.

The Takeaway

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Educating a specific audience while also creating buzz around a product is no easy task. The Come Recommended team faced the challenge head-on by creating an infographic that would provide employers with transferable information, while also ensuring it would be highly shared and likely to be picked up by prominent outlets.

The Challenge

How We Went About It

  • Research the topic

    Great infographics don’t spring up fully formed. In fact, a lot of research goes into the infographic process. The Come Recommended team researched prominent outlets to see what had been covered before in order to figure out what angles would work best for the target audience. Once a topic was decided, the team spent time researching facts and pulling together statistics for an infographic that would be valuable to an employer audience.

  • Focus on shareability

    It’s important to ensure infographics will be useful to the target audience so they’ll want to share the information. We worked hard to pinpoint our client’s specific target audience, so we knew what information would likely be valuable to them.

  • Oversee design

    The Come Recommended team worked closely with an expert graphic designer to ensure all aspects of the infographic conformed to our client’s expectations. We worked as the middleman between the designer and our client, freeing up our client’s time while ensuring the delivered infographic was high-quality and on-message.

  • Secure placements

    Once the infographic was designed, it was time for the Come Recommended team to pitch and secure placements. Utilizing our existing relationships, the team reached out to both prominent and niche media outlets in order to get our client’s infographic seen as widely as possible by their target audience.

The Results

The Come Recommended team developed an infographic that spoke directly to our client’s target audience with valuable information. Although it was only pitched to 10 publications, the infographic was picked up on 11 outlets with a total reach of 1.85 million online readers. All told, the infographic received an estimated 17,100 views and nearly 2,000 shares. It also generated 13 backlinks to our client’s website.


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