More than 20% of U.S. adults listen to podcasts at least once a month, up from just 8% in 2008.

Quick Overview

Podcasting has grown in popularity, and a client of ours saw the value in interacting with their audience in a new and engaging way. Together with the client, Come Recommended identified a strategy that encompassed their unique offering as a video interviewing platform. We put a spin on our traditional podcast strategy and planning service to create a video podcast in which recruiting experts discuss real recruiting challenges and offer actionable advice that can be applied to any recruiting or hiring process.

The Takeaway

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As with any new ‘talk show,’ the challenge isn’t coming up with the idea, episode themes, or name of the show — although that is a big part of it — but rather getting people to embrace your mission and vision and participate. But once we got the ball rolling with the first episode, which gave us something visible to share with potential contributors, Come Recommended was able to attract industry experts that further increased overall brand awareness for our client.

The Challenge

How We Went About It

  • Brainstorm the basics

    We began by narrowing down the overall theme of the monthly video series to focus solely on recruiting advice, with each episode featuring a single expert and lasting no more than five minutes. From there, we brainstormed possible titles.

  • Plan the first few episodes

    Once the theme, format, and title were nailed down, the Come Recommended team began planning out the first few episodes. We also created an ongoing targeted guest list featuring recruiting professionals who were well-known within the industry, had a solid social following, and often spoke at recruiting-focused events.

    Episode topics were then reviewed by the client, with the Come Recommended team coordinating interviews with each expert. As the podcast gained momentum, experts began offering topics on which they wanted to share their expertise.

  • Develop customized pitch emails

    The Come Recommended team crafted customized pitch emails inviting recruiting professionals to participate. Follow-up emails were sent when necessary.

  • Coordinate video submissions

    We worked with each expert to identify a suitable episode topic and create a high-quality video submission following the client’s guidelines. Essentially, we served as the liaison. Once a submission was received, it was reviewed by our team and then sent to our client’s production team to be formatted into the final episode.

  • Pursue a partnership

    As our client’s video podcast grew in popularity, the Come Recommended team believed it was the right time to pursue an exclusive syndication partnership to further the show’s reach. And no media outlet was more fitting for a recruiting-related podcast than The Come Recommended team contacted with a custom pitch and served as the liason to coordinate the formal partnership between both parties.

  • Draft blog copy

    After landing a syndication partnership with, the Come Recommended team drafted engaging blog copy to accompany each episode featured on the site.

The Results

Overall, the Come Recommended team developed an effective video podcast strategy that resulted in increased brand awareness, authority, credibility, and thought leadership for our client.

Our client’s video podcast continues to be a success with 15 episodes to date. In addition, each episode was also featured on as a result of an exclusive syndication partnership the Come Recommended team coordinated. This partnership resulted in an estimated 38,100 views on alone and an increase in inbound traffic.

Since the launch of the podcast, our client’s overall pageviews increased by 78 percent, with website visitors viewing 8 percent more pages during each session.


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