What Big Companies Know About Having A Chief Growth Officer That You Don’t This Is Why Everyone Is Talking About Chief Growth Officers

Marikaye DeTemple

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CultureAmp-CGO-Infographic-972 - topLately, there’s been a trend of organizations focusing more heavily on their growth process. These companies understand that growth doesn’t just happen. There needs to be someone to develop a plan and guide the company to the next level.

For a growing number of organizations, that person holds the title of Chief Growth Officer, or CGO.

This is the person whose every thought is about opportunity. How can the company do better? How can they work faster? How high should they be setting their goals? Thanks to these leaders, companies are improving for not only the higher-ups, but also employees and customers.

After recently hiring their own Chief Growth Officer, Culture Amp — an employee engagement and analytics platform — created the following infographic to look into all the possibilities that can come from creating the role.

Some highlights include:

  • Only 38% of CEOs are very confident about their revenue growth in the next year.
  • As a result, 79% of CEOs are focusing on organic growth to drive profits.
  • There are currently 455 Chief Growth Officers in the United States.
  • Of those, 192 work for companies with fewer than 50 employees.
  • 133 work for marketing or advertising companies.

Check out the full infographic below for more information about Chief Growth Officers. You can also see why some big-name companies have recently brought these professionals on board. SPOILER ALERT: One of them was Coca-Cola.


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Marikaye DeTemple

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