A Comprehensive, Ongoing
Content Marketing Strategy

research reports are the most effective content format
research reports are the most difficult content format to produce

Research reports are widely considered the most effective content format for marketers, but they are also among the most difficult to produce. But the effort is well worth it because current and potential users love research reports.

Regularly producing new data and backing it with a mighty content marketing effort can set you apart from your competition.

Our 5-Step Process

Topic Research & Planning

We develop research concepts using a combination of the problems your users are trying to solve, gaps in currently available research, industry trends, and upcoming newsworthy events and stories.

Data Collection & Analysis

We draft a survey and distribute it to a research panel. Once the data has been collected, we analyze it to identify the findings that would be most interesting to both your users and the media.

Content Production

We draft a research report and contributed bylined articles based on the data. All content is search engine optimized and goes through our thorough, quality-driven process.

Social Media

We craft social media shares to accompany each piece of content we draft, making them easy for you to promote. Your shares are designed to be timely, interesting, and tailored.


Search Engine Optimization

We optimize each piece of content to improve your search engine ranking. We only pitch contributed bylined articles to publications with a domain authority of at least 50 — preferably above 60.


Rinse & Repeat

Our plans are designed to be repeated every three months, resulting in quarterly research reports and corresponding content marketing activities.

Additional Benefits

In addition to the benefits of original research reports described above, our process offers the following benefits:

  • Establish authority, credibility, and thought leadership on key topics within your industry
  • Build quality links, improving SEO
  • Earn social currency
  • Bolster brand awareness
  • Drive website traffic
  • Generate and nurture leads
  • Educate your target audience

Your Dedicated Team

Each plan includes a dedicated team:

  • Project manager

    Your primary contact. Ensures deadlines are met and serves as a liaison between our teams.

  • Content creator

    Thoroughly researches and drafts all content.

  • Editor

    Collaborates with the content creator to brainstorm and edit all content to ensure clarity, flow, uniqueness, and more.

  • Media relations specialist

    Builds and nurtures relationships at top-tier media outlets and industry trade publications. Secures the publication of contributed bylined articles.

  • Social media specialist

    Crafts all social shares, including expertly-researched hashtags to use.

Metrics We Measure

  • Share of voice
  • Sentiment
  • Inbound links
  • Domain authority
  • Organic traffic
  • Website sessions
  • Average session length
  • Bounce rate
  • Number of placements
  • Social shares
  • Estimated coverage views

Plans & Pricing

Startup Plan

plus research panel fees

Small Business Plan

plus research panel fees

Rapid Growth Plan

plus research panel fees

Content Marketing Plan Comparison

DeliverableStartupSmall BusinessRapid Growth
Original research idea, survey, and data analysis
Research report3 pages5 pages5 pages
Simple report chartsUp to 3Up to 6Up to 6
Lead magnet landing page
Email autoresponder campaign
Contributed bylined articles268
Short-form blog posts or LinkedIn/Medium articles (up to 700 words)489
Long-form blog posts or LinkedIn/Medium articles (1,500-2,000 words)x15
Customer case studies222
Social shares
SEO keyword research and ongoing monitoringxx

Research Panel Fees

Research panel fees are extra and paid by the customer directly to the polling company. Because you are producing a new report every three months, plan for this additional charge on a quarterly basis.

RespondentsCostPolling One AudiencePolling Two Audiences
500$1,250Don't recommendDon't recommend
750$1,875OKDon't recommend

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