Are You Ready For How CultureIQ Is Changing Company Culture?

Heather R. Huhman

Are You Ready For How CultureIQ Is Changing Company Culture?

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Are You Ready For How CultureIQ Is Changing Company Culture?

The ambiance of flickering flames united the original six CultureIQ employees during their first team campfire. but it wasn’t all marshmallows and chocolate.

Like any organization, CultureIQ knew their values were important, but when you’re a software helping companies better understand, manage, and strengthen their organizational culture, the pressure is on.

“When creating the values, we understood that they would serve as a compass for making small and large business decisions alike,” said Greg Besner, founder and CEO of CultureIQ and among those gathered around the campfire that day.

This special collaborative effort reflected who those first employees were as a team. It etched their desire even deeper to take the mystery out of company culture and make it a tangible, clear path for companies everywhere.

Making culture a business topic

Many organizations put company culture on the back-burner to deal with more pressing matters. This results in 33 percent of employees saying their company culture is only average, according to a recent study by CultureIQ and

Even though employees don’t think highly of their own company’s culture, 73 percent of those in the CultureIQ and study believe corporate culture drives competitive advantage for their company.

After seeing his investor, Zappos, quickly take on company culture as an ongoing business strategy, Besner knew he could help other companies do the same.

“People’s behaviors should align with, and help accomplish, a company’s overarching business strategy. When you approach culture as a business strategy, employees will work in accordance with what benefits the business, and happily so,” said Besner.

Besner’s experience at Zappos taught him that a data-driven yet people-centric approach was necessary for every company’s success.

Carving a path for culture

Are You Ready For How CultureIQ Is Changing Company Culture?

Culture is quickly moving off the back-burner and pulling a seat up to the leadership table. More company leaders are understanding its connection to engagement, financial outcomes, retention, and more.

The team at CultureIQ is excited to make people analytics a necessary piece of culture discussions.

Besner said, “It enables a more strategic and effective approach to culture in the organization.”

CultureIQ helps its clients approach culture strategically in a few simple steps: survey, software, and strategy.

Their survey framework looks at a company’s operational and strategic culture to help leaders understand and strengthen their organization based on external benchmarks and internal strategy.

Each survey has 29 questions, however 18 can be edited or removed. In order to reach every single employee, these customizable surveys can be translated into 20-plus languages and only take 10 minutes to complete.

Because CultureIQ’s goal is to help companies actively engage their culture all year long, companies have access to pulse surveys. These smaller surveys allow leaders to collect ongoing feedback, immediately evaluate their latest tactics, and address any issues.

After employees respond to the surveys, CultureIQ’s team assesses thousands of data points and highlights what’s most important. They then offer year-round support as you implement new company culture initiatives and keep an external eye on businesses to help everyone remain accountable.

Keeping a bright outlook

CultureIQ knows technology is forever changing, and they’re ready for the challenge.

Besner said, “The CultureIQ platform is always striving to stay at the forefront of technology and respond to the needs of its users as they work on their culture. We will continue to build out new ways of collecting and analyzing culture data.”

For now, CultureIQ will continue focusing on informing data-driven decisions to guide a company’s culture strategy through times of change — no matter the company size.

CultureIQ’s smallest package, IQ, starts at $4,800 annually. It offers a CultureIQ subscription and full access to culture engagement software and tools, in addition to community resources.

For those who would like a more personalized experience, you can take it up a step to IQ Plus, starting at $19,800 annually. With this package, companies receive everything IQ offers, plus a culture strategist who provides tailored guidance through your culture engagement process.

Companies with over 500 employees have the option to customize their package. A culture strategist designs a tailored program based on your company’s needs and culture goals.

Cool features:

  • Short, 10-minute surveys
  • Customizable survey options
  • Surveys available in 20-plus languages
  • Surveys are mobile and tablet compatible
  • A strategy team helping create and assess surveys
  • Lightweight pulse surveys
  • A strategy team to improve company culture

Improvements we’d like to see:

  • Admin-facing software available on mobile and tablet

Heather R. Huhman

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