Meet the Real (and Ruff) Masters Behind the CR Masterminds

Marikaye DeTemple

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Behind every great CR employee is a four-legged boss calling all the shots. With Saturday, August 26 being¬†National Dog Day, we decided it was time to give credit to the true content creating, research digging masterminds. Ranging from 112 pounds to six pounds, each one of these fluffy co-workers is confident in their title and specialties, and they aren’t afraid to show it.

Here’s to everyone’s ultimate companion, shoe-eating, sock-hiding, overly-spoiled (if that’s possible), ride-or-die, cuddly best friends.

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Marikaye DeTemple

Marikaye is the Client Relationship Director at Come Recommended. She's 100 percent motivated by competition -- be that emptying her inbox, running, or surpassing client goals.