Embrace Your Geekness: Come Recommended Style

Marikaye DeTemple

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Did You Know…

…that geek was originally used as a derogatory term to describe circus workers? Today, however, the term has evolved to describe a person who is an enthusiastic expert on a particular issue or subject. While we’re not all Sheldon Cooper’s here at Come Recommended, we do tend to geek out quite often at work.

In honor of Embrace Your Geekness Day, here’s what we’re geeky about:

Amanda Geeks Out Over: Reading

My love for reading began as a child when my dad gifted me with J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Hobbit.” Little did I know that reading would become something I would pursue both personally and professionally. As an editor, I get to do what I love most each day and read stories.  


Jamie Geeks Out Over: Learning New Efficient Ways to do Things

It’s a little hard to flaunt favorite tools on my toolbar, so I am going to switch gears a little — starting a new job always comes with a learning curve. The last few weeks, I feel like I have learned something new everyday, either about my co-workers, my job, or a tiny little tech tool that I didn’t know existed. Today, I have to say, it is a new chrome extension! Can we just take a minute to sit back and appreciate how helpful and all around wonderful they really are?!

Jeff Geeks Out Over: Storytelling

I love storytelling. I used to write books as a kid and always enjoyed reading and watching movies. As a content creator, I get the pleasure of helping our clients identify their story and develop awesome content that delivers value to their audience.


Katie Geeks Out Over: Relationship Building

As a self-proclaimed ‘outgoing introvert,’ building relationships is something I’m passionate about, even when 99% of those relationships are virtual (working from home probs!). Whether those relationships are with the media or our clients, I love building rapport and the thrill of exceeding expectations. I enjoy checking in on everyone’s social media activity to learn more about their likes/dislikes and what they’re currently up to or excited about.

Crystal Geeks Out Over: Proper Grammar

I was the child who could be found reading on the bus, reading at the dinner table, reading in the car…I was always reading. I also had a bad habit of correcting people when they spoke (something I had to learn more tact with as I grew). Now I’ve married my love for reading and proper grammar in a career that challenges and engages me every day, with a professional family that loves words as much as I do. That really gets my geekness going!

Kayla Geeks Out Over: Soliciting Emotions

As a child, I used to write the corniest greeting cards for every special occasion. I loved the way even the simplest words could draw out strong emotions from friends and family. Now, as a content creator, I enjoy finding new ways to bring emotions and new ideas to audiences of all kinds.


Marikaye Geeks Out Over: Finding Solutions

I’ve always loved reading, a good challenge, and organization. I probably could stop there as the geekiness to many is already abundant. I really geek-out over finding solutions to problems that include all three of those things. So in my day to day here at CR, I get my geekiness-on regularly when creating campaigns, in color-coded spreadsheets, that includes all the ways to tell and promote our clients stories.


Kristen Geeks Out Over: Words

I’ve always loved words. From writing stories to doing crosswords, they were always fun and powerful to me. As a content creator, I get to spend my days wordsmithing to make content that spreads our clients’ stories.

P.S. We might geek out over dogs too… might.

Marikaye DeTemple

Marikaye is the Client Relationship Director at Come Recommended. She's 100 percent motivated by competition -- be that emptying her inbox, running, or surpassing client goals.