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Come Recommended is an HR tech PR firm that is dedicated to establishing your expertise by uncovering and sharing the unique story that connects people with your brand.

Using proven strategies, such as content development, social media marketing, media & blogger relations, influencer marketing, and search engine optimization, we help HR tech companies of all shapes and sizes achieve a variety of marketing-related goals, ranging from brand awareness to lead generation.

The Problems Companies Are Facing

Employers are plagued by a variety of issues in the workplace. They want to focus on improving corporate wellness, offering competitive benefits, creating a meaningful culture, devising an employer branding strategy, improving employee engagement, implementing people analytics, and so much more, according to Bersin by Deloitte’s 2016 Global Human Capital Trends Report.

It’s no secret that workplace culture is important — 82 percent of the more than 7,000 HR experts and business leaders surveyed say they believe that culture gives a company a competitive advantage. Leaders understand that their actions and beliefs are the main drivers of the company culture, and that means they need to reinforce behavior to support their business strategies.

It’s difficult to define or improve your culture when most of your staff feels unenthusiastic about their work and lacks a sense of commitment. This is where employee engagement becomes a key aspect. Culture denotes how things are done within an organization, and engagement is the perfect measurement of how people feel about the way things are done.

Companies that proactively measure employee engagement are able to foster a strong rapport and encourage collaboration, all while focusing on driving meaning and purpose to inspire passion in the workforce.

And when employers use people analytics for measurement, the possibilities are endless.

People analytics bridges the gap between HR and business data, addressing a wide variety of challenges. Companies can analyze engagement and culture, predict major compliance risks, and even make educated hiring decisions based on comparisons between candidates and the characteristics of high performers. It’s no wonder 77 percent of organizations believe people analytics is important.  

And as you well know, HR technology can help employers accomplish all of this and then some.

The Landscape of HR Technology

HR technology adoption continues to rise, prompting major industry growth. As CB Insights points out, HR tech startups saw a funding increase of more than 60 percent in 2015, totaling more than $2.4 billion. To us, this is no surprise.

The HR tech industry is going through one of its most dramatic shifts in years. Bersin by Deloitte’s HR Technology Disruptions for 2017 report identified the biggest cause as the desire to improve the work life of employees.

One such way to accomplish this is to focus on performance management. The days of aligning goals from the top down are over. Ranking and rating employees based on annual performance evaluations doesn’t improve performance. Employees perform better when they are given coaching and development, compensated well, and are encouraged to be creative and to innovate — all of which HR technology can help companies do.

The HR Technology Disruptions for 2017 report also found that over $240 billion is spent each year on recruitment and talent acquisition in the United States alone. To simplify their processes and reduce cost, employers are on the market for digital solutions. These new tech tools are helping HR professionals with sourcing, employer branding, interviewing, candidate assessment and testing, and applicant tracking.

The acceleration of platforms and systems aimed at managing employee wellness and work-life balance is staggering, as well. HR tech enables employers to gain insights on what motivates employees, how personal health and fitness affect an employee’s productivity, and the impact recognition and rewards have on performance.

With demand on the rise but countless HR technology solutions entering the marketplace, how does your company stand out?

Our philosophy is simple: Find your voice. Tell your story. Inspire action. Come recommended.

Why We Are Different

We position our clients as experts in the HR industry by identifying what makes them unique, developing a focused message, and connecting people with their brand. And we do it differently.

Come Recommended focuses on our specific niche — since HR is our main focus, we always have our pulse on the industry. We keep tabs on the latest challenges, trends, and priorities; gain access to the newest studies, often before they are released to the public; and maintain a deep understanding of HR language. We never have to bother our clients for insider information because we are the insiders — we speak HR tech.

What makes the world of HR technology so exciting to us? For one thing, the rapid growth and diversity of solutions. We have extensive experience with corporate wellness, benefits, people and predictive analytics, personality testing, performance management, employer branding, employee engagement, company culture, employee recognition, and workplace gamification products — just to name a few.

Our approach is unlike those other PR firms. We create a unique strategy for telling your story and expanding your brand reach. Unlike the other guys, we don’t rely solely on print media — we utilize our entire toolbox and look for any solution that will propel your brand forward.

What’s more, you get an entire team dedicated to your account — a writer, editor, backup editor, client liaison, and other specialists as required.

Finally, we don’t leave you counting your pennies. Instead of charging an hourly rate like other PR folks who are stuck in the past, we count deliverables and results. Transparency runs deep within our workplace culture — and that extends to our clients, as well.

What We Value

We live by our core values. They guide our business and are a major contributor to our overall success, inspiring us to fulfill our utmost potential, shaping our meaningful culture, and aligning our practices with what’s most important.

At the top of our list: relationships. Our business is relationships. We recognize the meaning behind not just a written contract but a word of honor. And we apply that philosophy internally, which is why our team is like family. When we connect with clients, they become an extension of our little family.

Our relationships thrive because we communicate well and are constantly collaborating. Every one of us brings a speciality to the table. All our of individual strengths create the perfect balance that enables us to achieve our clients’ goals.

We define ourselves by our strengths and work hard on growing everyday. Each individual participates in a professional development program to continually grow and build on their strengths. Our growth mindset means we are never satisfied with the status quo.

We aren’t like other PR firms, so if you’re looking for a spin agency, keep moving. We earn our results the honest way and satisfy our clients by staying true to our values and maintaining our integrity.

Need Some Additional Peace of Mind? Check Out Our Track Record

Case Study: Series A Funding Media & Blogger Outreach Campaign: We identified more than 50 reporters, drafted numerous angles for the campaign, sent out individual pitches and follow-up emails to all of these reporters, and arranged interviews between the client and interested outlets. The result? The client’s new round of funding was covered by more than 13 top media outlets.

Case Study: LinkedIn Publishing Platform: We wanted to find out what enticed people to click and share on the LinkedIn platform. We reached out to LinkedIn editors to build relationships and discovered the best way to tell our client’s story while engaging an audience of smart business professionals. Our client didn’t have the time or resources to individually devote to blogging and to finding the best way to engage and build an audience. The result? Our client (an Influencer) has more than 200,000 followers on LinkedIn thanks to top-notch industry analysis, fun business articles, and thought provoking content.

Case Study: HR Infographic Design & Pitch: We had the opportunity to work with a client to design an infographic themed around an HR tech event. We proposed a topic to the client and, with their approval, were able to have the infographic researched and designed within three weeks. The result? The infographic was pitched to only 10 outlets, but it ended up receiving coverage from more than 14 outlets including Mashable, Forbes, The Undercover Recruiter, and Talent Culture. It also received more than 6,000 shares.

Bottom Line

Whether you’re jaded from experiences with previous PR firms, looking to make the leap into your first PR adventure, or just want to extend your marketing team’s current reach, we are here get you the the results you want and deserve.

While any agency would have to get up-to-speed on your unique product and story, you can take comfort in the fact that we are HR tech experts and keep up on the latest industry trends. Don’t worry, we’ve got this.

Are you ready to tell your story? We are. Let’s get started.

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