5 Tech Tools You Need To Use In Your Job Search

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The job search can be a fun and exciting process. At the same time, it has changed a lot in the last 10 years. Long gone are the days of handing a printed resume directly to the hiring manager. Today’s job seeker needs to navigate through applicant tracking systems, online profiles, social media, personal websites, and steep competition. In other words, to succeed in your job search, you need to take advantage of the latest job search technology.   

Here are five tech tools designed to help you come out on top in today’s highly competitive job market:

1. Jobscan 

If your resume seems to be going into a black hole when you apply for a job, it might not be getting by the company’s applicant tracking system (ATS). Fortunately, Jobscan can help. Use this tool to make sure you’re using the right keywords when putting together your resume. Job scan will analyze your resume based on the job description and help you optimize it for the job you want. 

2. Community Groups 

Find a community of like-minded people who are in the midst of a job search, too. Reach out to professional groups in your area of interest, attend industry-related networking events, or join the national association or local chapter for your industry. For general job search check out the following:

3. Social Media 

Social media is your best friend when it comes to building your personal brand. LinkedIn, for instance, often offers free trials of LinkedIn Premium, which provides the most powerful tools to help job seekers find, apply, and network their way to a job. It’s worth checking out, but make sure to cancel it before your month is up (unless, of course, you end up loving it). In addition, here are a few other ways to use social media to propel your job search forward:
  • LinkedIn Youniversity – This section of LinkedIn allows you to search for people who attended your university by industry or company.  It’s a great way to build your network and set up informational interviews with people who already hold jobs at your target companies.
  • Twitter – Build your personal brand and then leverage the platform to connect with industry leaders and companies on your job search wish list. In the last month, for instance, I was able to connect directly with VCs and the authors of a new book titled, “Follow The Geeks” using Twitter.

4. Podcasts

If you thought podcasts were just for staying up to date with Serial, you thought wrong. Podcasts have so much more to offer — especially to today’s job seekers. They can  help you learn a new skill or help you refine your job search. I highly recommend Mac’s List’s Find Your Dream Job podcast. It is a great weekly podcast with an active community.  

5. Purple Squirrel 

Purple Squirrel is currently in Beta, but once you’re in, you can request meetings with ambassadors at high profile companies like Tesla, Google, and Facebook. The platform helps users find unlisted jobs, earn employee referrals, and learn from insiders at some of today’s top companies.  You can get the inside scoop at your target companies and be better prepared for the application and interview process.

Leveraging these technology tools will help you successfully navigate the modern job search. Use a combination of these tools to see the most success and help you land your dream job.

What technology tools do you use in your job search? Share with us in the comments below.

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