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Come Recommended is a job search tech PR firm that is dedicated to establishing your expertise by uncovering and sharing the unique story that connects people with your brand.

Using proven strategies, such as content development, social media marketing, media & blogger relations, influencer marketing, and search engine optimization, we help job search tech companies of all shapes and sizes achieve a variety of marketing-related goals, ranging from brand awareness to lead generation.

The Problems Job Seekers Face

The job market remains incredibly competitive, yet many still struggle with underemployment and unemployment. Payscale’s Underemployed: The War on the American Worker report from October 2016 found that 46 percent of the 962,956 employees surveyed said they feel underemployed, with 76 percent saying they are not using their education and training.

Many people feel stuck, and when they try to look for better opportunities, they are faced with a long uphill battle. It’s no secret that job seekers are often stressed during their search.

CareerArc’s June 2016 Candidate Experience Study sheds some light on why the job hunt can be so stressful. The major obstacle is how much time the entire process takes. The typical candidate spends about three to four hours preparing and submitting one job application. Moreover, according to CareerBuilder’s 2016 Candidate Behavior study, job seekers use an average of 16 resources during their search.

On top of just searching for their big career break, job seekers are also facing a lot of competition from equally qualified applicants. They have to research the company and role, write a customized resume and cover letter, study questions and develop talking points before the interview, earn professional references… No wonder they feel crunched for time.

What’s exciting is the evolution of job seeker technology that’s aiming to help these talented individuals find their dream career.

The Landscape of Job Search Tech

This generation of job seekers is the most connected, engaged, and creative yet. They have a big toolkit with a variety of options to help them jumpstart their career, riding the wave of a monumental change in the job seeker world.

Jobvite’s 2016 Job Seeker Nation Study found that 74 percent of the 2,305 employees surveyed are still open to new opportunities, which means most people are still passively engaging in a job search. This sheds some light on why job search technology is booming right now.

Most job seekers use social media, specifically Facebook, to look for new opportunities, and 59 percent use social media to research the company culture of prospective employers. The use of mobile devices during their job search is also on the rise.

The main focus for job seekers is finding the best tools and technology to help them find jobs faster and more easily. The best job search tech is convenient, fast, intuitive, and easy to use. And job seekers are starting to enjoy the benefits of the latest and greatest.

In other words, they want what you have to offer. With the explosion of demand and all the new job search technology solutions emerging, how does your company stand out?

Our philosophy is simple: Find your voice. Tell your story. Inspire action. Come recommended.

Why We Are Different

We position our clients as job search and career management experts by identifying what makes them unique, developing a focused message, and connecting people with their brand. And we do it differently.

Since job searching is one of our main focus areas, we always have our pulse on the latest job seeker challenges, trends, and priorities. We gain access to the newest studies, often before they are released to the public. We never have to bother our clients for insider information because we are the insiders — we speak job search tech.

What makes the world of job search technology so exciting to us? For one thing, the rapid growth and diversity of solutions. We have extensive experience with resume analytics, job matching, interviewing, professional networking, and reputation management products — just to name a few.

Our approach is unlike other PR firms. We aren’t in the backseat with those print media PR firms — we are driving with digital PR best practices, utilizing every tool we have to help expand your brand’s reach. The strategy we use centers on telling your story.

You also get an entire team dedicated to your account — a writer, editor, backup editor, client liaison, and other specialists as required. We love to collaborate and apply all of our unique strengths to your strategy.

Finally, instead of charging an hourly rate like other PR folks who are stuck in the past, we count deliverables and results. Transparency runs deep within our workplace culture — and that extends to our clients, as well.

What We Value

Our core values are what steers our business and contributes to nearly a decade of ongoing success and company growth. They challenge us to be our best selves.

What makes us so unique in the job search tech industry is that we value empathy. We have a deep understanding of what it’s like to experience the current job search and hiring processes because we have all been there before. That gives us insights into how job search tech helps job seekers and inspires passion in us to help connect people with your brand.

Just as we know what it’s like to be a stressed out job seeker, we also know that great feeling of accomplishment. Our passion is helping others find that feeling and fulfill their dreams. When your customer base grows and your product delights more and more people, we feel a close connection with your success and your customer’s happiness.

Need Some Additional Peace of Mind? Check Out Our Track Record

Case Study: Job Search Infographic Design & Pitch: We came up with an infographic idea and theme, drafted content for the infographic, and managed the graphic design process. We then pitched the infographic to more than 85 relevant outlets. The result? The infographic was published by more than 20 outlets including Forbes, Huffington Post, YouTern, and The Undercover Recruiter. The infographic received more than 3,400 shares.

Case Study: Year-Long Ongoing Media & Blogger Outreach: We launched a year-long media relations campaign for a client where they monitored relevant keywords daily, pitched and followed-up with more than 300 reporters and bloggers, coordinated interviews, and maintained media relationships on behalf of the client. The result? The client received more than 10 interviews and placements from the campaign, including coverage on Forbes, Hello Beautiful, and Overall, the placements were shared more than 300 times.

Case Study: Company Blog: We had the opportunity to create a blog from scratch for a client. We set out to create one piece of original content each week. Blogs had to be timely, easily shareable, and appeal to a mass audience. We researched and created content that would appeal to a variety of job seekers. The result? In just eight months, our client saw an almost 2,000 percent increase in traffic to the company blog. Further, by creating a steady flow of content, the blog’s Google Pagerank grew from 0 to 5.

Bottom Line

You may be jaded from a nightmare experience with other PR firms. Perhaps you’re concerned about jumping into your first PR journey. Maybe you realize that your marketing team can only do so much and needs a little extra support. That’s why we are here — to support your vision, set and achieve goals with you, and share your awesomeness with others.

You can have some peace of mind knowing that we are job search tech experts with a deep understanding of the industry and the latest trends. You don’t need to brief us. We’ve got this.

Are you ready to tell your story? We are. Let’s get started.

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