Media Relations

We Make News Happen

No more general or mass pitch emails and humdrum press releases. Things are about to get personal.

At Come Recommended, we don’t sit back and wait for the news to happen. We make it happen. Even if you don’t have anything newsworthy to announce, we’ll help you create buzz by developing an original research strategy. We use our connections to ensure our clients receive media attention from top-tier business and HR industry publications through proactive media relations campaigns.

We live and breathe job searching, careers, recruiting, hiring, retention, and workplace management all day long. Basically, we speak HR tech. We’ll draft and share your story in a way that’s sure to get on the radar of reporters and journalists.

What is Media Relations?

Media relations, or publicity, is a powerful tool for influencing and changing behavior. It provides critical, third-party endorsement for a product, service, issue or organization. As opposed to more direct forms of communications, such as advertising or direct marketing, communicating through a journalist provides valuable and sought-after credibility that other forms of communications cannot match.Council of PR Firms

Media relations focuses on building a relationship between your company and the media. This relationship helps you keep the public informed about everything related to your company. Maybe you’re launching a new product, sharing the latest news about your Series A funding, or just looking for unique ways to spark the attention of potential customers.

Whatever you’re hoping for in terms of coverage, media relations done well can make a powerful impact on driving awareness about your brand, as well as getting you the traffic and leads you deserve. We’ll go beyond the standard press release and media pitch to get you noticed.

A robust media relations strategy can:

  • Increase brand awareness by getting your name and story in front of your industry.
  • Build rapport by establishing powerful relationships with the media.
  • Improve brand loyalty and trustworthiness by establishing thought leadership.
  • Establish relationships and community that lead to brand loyalty and ambassadorship.
  • Generate consistent positive news through a steady flow of information to journalists and reporters.

Why You Need Media Relations

Details are everything.

Anyone can pitch a journalist, but it takes an understanding of what the particular journalist is looking for to get a response. In the State of the Media 2016 report by Cision, 54 percent of journalists say they will only pursue thorough pitches that cover all the details necessary to proceed. We’ll help ensure you get the details in place to ensure journalists bite.

journalists say they will only pursue thorough pitches

Industry experts get noticed.

If you’re not a recognized leader within the industry yet, no problem, we can get you there. According to a 2016 report by Wasabi Publicity, 77 percent of journalists surveyed seek sources who are recognized experts in their fields. We can build your presence as an HR tech thought leader and use media relations strategies to enable you to become a reputable source to journalists.

journalists seek sources who are recognized experts

Original research gets hits.

Journalists are perpetually seeking fresh information. Forty-nine percent of journalists seek out original research to use as sources. Producing new original research and backing it with a mighty media relations effort can set you apart from your competition.

journalists seek original research

Let the professionals handle it.

According to Cision’s 2016 Social Journalism Study, 79 percent of U.S. journalists report having a positive relationship with PR professionals. While 42 percent of journalists consider PR professionals and press releases to be a main source of information. When it comes to media relations, trusted relationships matter.

journalists have positive relationships with PR pros
journalists consider pr pros to be main sources

Sampling of Our Media Relations Services

No company is identical. Stories, products, leaders, budgets — all are important factors that play into your media relations needs. Your approach also needs to be one-of-a-kind. This is one of the many reasons why we love catering to HR tech companies. Whether you’re an early or seed stage startup or an expanding business, we have a myriad of services to get you in the headlines.

Media & Blogger Announcement Campaign

A media pitch around a single newsworthy topic, such as new original research or a funding announcement. Through this campaign, we utilize our relationships with relevant, top-tier business media outlets — like The Huffington Post, Forbes, Business Insider, Fast Company, and others — and HR industry publications — like ERE Media, HR Daily Advisor, Human Resource Executive, Workforce, and others — to increase brand awareness and thought leadership.

Ongoing Media & Blogger Outreach

Good media relations involves involves reaching out to the media even when you don’t have a big announcement worthy of a broader media pitch campaign. This service allows you to do just that by reaching out to reporters with a custom pitch aimed at getting on their radar.

Press Release

Although our media relations campaign services already include a press release if desired, when the announcement isn’t newsworthy — such as a new hire, customer, or minor product update — it makes more sense to distribute a release just over the wires rather than accompany a full media pitch.

HARO/ProfNet Responses

Reaching out to the media doesn’t always mean sending a pitch email. This service allows your expertise to be taken into consideration when reporters are already working on a story.

Original Research Survey

Let us help you conduct your own original research and publicize it to gain credibility and authority. This can be done as often as once a month, however we recommend it at least on a quarterly basis to stay ahead of your competitors.

We pride ourselves on providing personalized tactics for every media relations need. Learn more about our services and pricing.

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Bottom Line

Let our media relations expertise take your HR tech company to the front page of top industry and business news outlets. We have a proven track record of helping organizations achieve their goals, no matter the size of their budget. We will find a strategic, cost-effective solution to ensure you stand out from the crowd and get the recognition you deserve.

We are always available to answer questions and walk you through the best plan for you.