research reports are the most effective content format
research reports are the most difficult content format to produce
journalists seek out original research to use as sources

Research reports are widely considered the most effective content format for marketers, but they are also among the most difficult to produce. In addition to being effective with current and potential customers, journalists love research reports, too.

Regularly producing new data and backing it with a mighty content marketing and media relations effort can set you apart from your competition.


Content Marketing + Media Relations + Social Media + SEO

We’ve got it all covered in our 6-step process:

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    Topic Research & Planning

    Starting with a deep understanding of the topics important to your customers, we look for gaps in currently available research and identify any potential ties to big trends and current events. You are presented with our suggestions for three possible studies.

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    Data Collection & Analysis

    Once the research concept is approved, we draft a survey of up to 15 questions for distribution to a research panel. Final results are typically provided in 2 business days, at which time we identify the most interesting findings and begin drafting the research report.

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    Content Production

    Based on the original research results, three months of content is produced by a dedicated team consisting of a content creator, editor, and social media specialist. Every piece goes through our thorough, quality-driven process.

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    Guaranteed Media Results

    Also part of your dedicated team is a media relations specialist. Using our relationships at top-tier media outlets, we craft targeted pitches around your research report. If the reporter does not have time to cover the story, we offer a contributed bylined article. So, whether the piece is bylined by the reporter or you, the result is a guaranteed placement.

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    Social Media

    Another important member of your dedicated team is a social media specialist. Carefully-crafted social media shares accompany each article we draft, making it easy for you to promote across your brand channels. Since we keep an eye on trends and popular hashtags, your shares are designed to be timely, interesting, and tailored to the social network and for your target audience.

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    Search Engine Optimization

    Each piece of content we develop is optimized for a particular keyword to help improve your search engine ranking. Additionally, we know the value of sites with a high domain authority (DA) linking back to your company website. So, we only reach out to publications with a DA of at least 50 — preferably above 60 — when pitching journalists and contributed bylined articles.

Our Process & Your Dedicated Team

Each plan includes a dedicated team:

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    Project manager

    Your primary contact. Ensures deadlines are met and serves as a liaison between our teams.

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    Content creator

    Thoroughly researches and drafts all content.

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    Collaborates with the content creator to brainstorm and edit all content to ensure clarity, flow, uniqueness, and more.

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    Media relations specialist

    Builds and nurtures media relationships and coordinates all pitching efforts, including list research, pitch development, pitching and following up with individual reporters, and securing publication of contributed bylined articles.

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    Social media specialist

    Crafts all social shares, including expertly-researched hashtags to use.

Behind the scenes, your dedicated team follows a collaborative, creative process designed to ensure quality at every level.

From our content idea strategy sessions to our rigorous editing and QA process, your content publishes with a level of polish that a single person can’t match.

Step 1: Your content creator and editor brainstorm and finalize a summary and temporary descriptive headline. If this is a contributed bylined article, primary and backup publication targets are also identified.

The summary includes:

  • Overall content type (how-to, list, etc.)
  • The basic concept of the article
  • Why readers will care about this article
  • Any relevant external research/trends we plan to include
  • Brief version of the unique points we plan to cover

Step 2: The content idea (descriptive headline, summary, and target publications) is sent to the customer for review and approval by the project manager.

Step 3: Once approved by the customer, the project manager assigns the task to the content creator.

Step 4: The content creator researches and writes the content, including suggesting a new set of 5+ better headlines.

Step 5: The editor reviews the content and works with the content creator to perfect it.

Step 6: The content shares are drafted in the same document by the social media specialist and sent to the editor for review.

Step 7: Once approved by the editor, the content is sent to the customer for review by the project manager.

Step 8: The customer reviews, and if they have any feedback, it is communicated to the project manager, who shares it with the editor and content creator.

Step 9: If edits are necessary, they go through the content creator and editor process again, and the project manager resubmits to the customer for final approval.

Step 10: If this is a contributed bylined article, the media relations specialist then drafts a pitch and works with the publication(s) identified to get the piece placed.


We Know Your Audience


At Come Recommended, we know exactly what it takes to build a strong brand for HR tech startups and growing enterprises.

We have experience working with a variety of technology companies with products focused on social recruitment, employee engagement, talent management, employee referrals, candidate background checks, company culture, and more. If it’s your goal to help employers improve their HR departments, hire the best candidates, and create happy employees, then Come Recommended will help you make it happen.

Some of the B2B audiences we can help you reach include:

  • C-Suite executives
  • Human resources
  • Recruiters
  • Staffing professionals


Our expertise does not end at B2B outreach. At Come Recommended, we also know what it takes to build a strong brand for job search tech startups and growing enterprises.

We have experience working with a variety of technology companies with products focused on resume-building, reputation management, job matching, interviewing, professional networking, and more. If you’re in the business of improving the job search with your technology, we’re here to build your reputation and brand.

Some of the B2C audiences we can help you reach include:

  • Active job seekers
  • Passive job seekers
  • Millennial and Generation Z job seekers
  • Employees

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