5 SEO Mistakes Hurting Your Website

Olivia Adams

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Image Credit: Link Building image from Bigstock.

Image Credit: Link Building image from Bigstock.

Is SEO an important strategy for your business? If so, you’re probably wondering if you’re implementing the best techniques possible.

SEO is a tricky subject for many business owners. Especially when you don’t have much experience with or knowledge of SEO, it’s easy to make an innocent mistake without realizing it.

Here are five SEO mistakes that are killing your website:

1. Infinite scrolling. 

It’s very common today for websites to have an infinitely scrolling design. Many businesses like these designs because they produce more clicks for websites and encourage viewers to stay on their website longer.

Despite this popular trend, there are a few disadvantages to this design. First, infinite scrolling can cause a website to slow down. It can also cause issues for businesses that are trying to track conversions.

An alternative to an infinitely scrolling website would be to use a Parallax design. This enables you to have a similar effect as a website that integrates infinite scrolling, but doesn’t hurt your SEO.

2. Influencer outreach. 

Although influencer outreach is a great strategy for brands trying to build an online presence, it’s important to carefully execute your strategy. In most influencer outreach strategies, brands will reach out to influencers who have websites with high authority. However, when an influencer lacks authority or shares your links with other websites that have low authority, this is when your website’s SEO can be damaged.

3. Affiliate link programs. 

Affiliate link programs can help and hurt your SEO strategy. The goal of most affiliate programs are to encourage businesses to connect relevant links to a piece of content. However, if these businesses have low authority or don’t publish quality content, linking to websites through affiliate programs can negatively impact your website’s SEO.

4. Guest blogging. 

You’re probably surprised that guest blogging can hurt your SEO. When done well, guest blogging can produce amazing results for your business. However, if your guest blogging strategy lacks a goal and you’re solely doing it to create links, Google can and will penalize your website.

When creating a guest blogging strategy, it’s important to produce content for high authority sites. Avoid reaching out to websites simply to create more links for your business. This can hurt your guest blogging strategy in the long-run and damage your SEO.

5. Not mobile-friendly.

If your website fails to have a mobile design, you’re already hurting your website’s SEO. If you don’t have a mobile website, you can miss out on traffic from mobile users and people who use social media to discover your business.

The bottom line: make sure you implement your SEO strategy with caution. Although the tactics mentioned above have their advantages, they can also be major SEO mistakes if implemented poorly. By making yourself aware of the negative outcomes of a poor SEO strategy, you’ll be able to protect your website from getting penalized.

Olivia Adams

Brand Manager at Come Recommended
Olivia Adams is the Brand Manager at Come Recommended. She is a graduate of Ferris State University with a B.S. in public relations. Olivia has experience in content marketing, writing, social media, branding, and public relations.