Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Let Us Help Your Customers Find You

What’s the point of having an amazing product if potential customers can’t find your website?

Let’s face it: Not many people are willing to click through several pages of search engine results when they’re searching for a site. Don’t miss out on customers by being invisible to them. We can help your customers discover what you have to offer with the help of search engine optimization (SEO).

The search engine landscape is always changing. At Come Recommended, our experts can help you stay on top of best practices. We’ll craft a strategy that will generate traffic, drive leads, and build your online authority. Whether your company is pre-launch, growing, or expanding, we’ll tackle your SEO to send you to the top.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” It is the process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” search results on search engines.Search Engine Land

When your website or blog’s pages have higher rankings, they help your customers find you on popular search engines. In a nutshell, SEO ensures a website can be found in search engines for relevant words and phrases. The key to better search engine rankings is making sure your website has the components search engines need to optimize them.

Unlike paid search advertising, building an effective organic search engine strategy doesn’t have to involve paying for your ranking. Improving your website, blog, or online articles’ SEO involves looking at words, page titles, links, words in links, and authority. Search engines display links to pages they consider relevant and authoritative.

We’re experts when it comes to helping HR tech companies build trust and authority. Our SEO strategies are anchored by thorough keyword research. We’ll uncover keywords relevant to your product and overall brand. This helps us establish and improve your ranking and generate organic traffic to your website. SEO keywords can also be used to create content, such as blog posts, contributed byline articles, and landing pages.

SEO is the key to a strong search engine presence. When it’s done right, it can deliver the following:

  • Build trust and authority among your ideal customers by establishing thought leadership.
  • Generate organic traffic to your website.
  • Drive leads without the monotony of hard-sell tactics.
  • Build your email list of potential customers.
  • Educate your target audience about your product and brand.

Why You Need SEO

Search engines fuel customer decisions.

According to Google, there are an average of 2.3 million searches per minute. If you’re not thinking SEO, you’re missing out.

Google is king.

In Merkle’s 2016 Q2 Report, Google produced 86 percent of all organic search visits in the U.S. and 90 percent of mobile organic search visits. Good SEO is required to thrive in Google searches.

Google produces organic traffic visits in the u.s.
Google produces mobile traffic visits

Organic search tops paid search.

According to the Global Search Marketing Report by SimilarWeb, organic traffic far exceeds paid searches. Nearly 95 percent of traffic share comes from free search.

traffic comes from free search

Better link authority correlates to higher search rankings.

According to the 2016 Search Engine Ranking Factors Study by Backlinko, a site’s overall link authority (as measured by Ahrefs Domain Rating) strongly correlates with higher rankings.

Sampling of Our SEO Services

We provide HR tech companies with various PR and marketing tactics achieve their goals. Here is an overview of a few SEO-driven services to consider:

SEO Keyword Research

To help establish and improve your ranking on popular search engines and generate organic traffic to your website, we identify keywords relevant to your product and overall company brand. This list is used to create content, such blog posts, landing pages, etc.

SEO Landing Pages

Single web pages written about a particular keyword that go in-depth on the topic in an effort to drive organic traffic. We strongly recommend performing SEO keyword research first.

Learn more about our services and pricing.

Bottom Line

If you want to help your HR tech company increase visibility and authority while driving site traffic and leads, SEO is worth giving a second look. We have a proven track record of helping organizations achieve their goals, no matter the size of their budget. We will find a strategic, cost-effective solution to ensure you stand out from the crowd and get the recognition you deserve.

We are always available to answer questions and walk you through the best plan for you.