Weekly Wrap-Up: The Biggest Fears for the Newest Job Seekers

Olivia Adams

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Image Credit: Mobile Media Devices

Image Credit: Mobile Media Devices

Every Thursday, the Come Recommended blog ends the week with a wrap-up, bringing you the top news from the week for job seekers and employers. These articles highlight the latest trends in the industry.


National Survey Finds College Doesn’t Prepare Students for Job Search: Seventy-three percent of hiring managers felt colleges are only “somewhat preparing” students for the working world. Read more.

9 in 10 Jobseekers Use Mobile to Search for Jobs: A recent Glassdoor survey shows job seekers and employees are more likely to use a mobile device during their job search. Read more. 

The Biggest Fears for the Newest Job Seekers: The Class of 2014 is concerned they won’t find a job, aren’t qualified for the job they want, or will dislike their chosen profession. Read more. 


HR Technology to Boost Employee Well-Being and Productivity: Wearable technology, one of the fastest growing digital innovations, is finding a place in the HR technology space, as new research reveals the impact of wearables on employee well-being and productivity. Read more. 

The 8 Great Benefits of Going to Video Job Descriptions: Video job descriptions are becoming the “next big thing” in recruiting and will attract more talented candidates to their positions. Read more. 

Nearly One-Third of Employers Expect Workers to Job-Hop: According to a recent CareerBuilder survey, more than half of employers surveyed said they have hired a job-hopper and nearly one-third of all employers said they have come to expect workers to job-hop. Read more. 

If we missed anything from the week you think was important, let us know in the comments.

Olivia Adams

Brand Manager at Come Recommended
Olivia Adams is the Brand Manager at Come Recommended. She is a graduate of Ferris State University with a B.S. in public relations. Olivia has experience in content marketing, writing, social media, branding, and public relations.